About the Centre for Gender Research

The Centre is the largest gender research centre in Norway and among the leading women’s and gender studies institutes of its kind in the Nordic region. STK is a stand-alone research unit that cooperates closely with other faculties, departments and institutes at UiO.

STK researchers take an interdisciplinary approach to gender studies: because gender relations operate in all spheres of life, insights from a range of disciplines are needed to understand and analyse their complexity.

Contact STK

Centre for Gender Research, Postboks 1040, Blindern 0315 Oslo

Address: Gaustadalléen 30D (NEMKO-building) 0373 Oslo 

How to get there:

Metro to Forskningsparken, line 4 or 5 or tram line 17 or 18 to Gaustadalléen.


Phone: +4722858930

E-mail: postmottak@stk.uio.no