The Chair of the Board of the Centre for Gender Research 2012 - 2014

The Board of the Centre for Gender Research, which is made up of 11 representatives with deputies, has been appointed by the University of Oslo's Board.

Previous Board meeting minutes and the Centre’s Statutes can be read in Norwegian on the Centre’s Norwegian website.

The Chair of the Board of the Centre for Gender Research

  • Chairman: Kari Nyheim Solbrække, Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine

Other permanent Members of the Board

Members from the Faculties, UiO

  • Erling S. Sandmo, professor, Faculty of Humanities
  • Jo Thori Lind, Associate Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Alix Young Vik, professor Faculty of Dentistry
  • Solveig Kristensen, professor,  Dept. of Pharmacy, The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  • Ingunn Ikdahl, Associate Professor, The Faculty of Law
  • Anne Kveim Lie, Associate Professor, Dept. of Community Medicine, Faculty of Medicine
  • Astrid Roe, Researcher, Faculty of Educational Sciences
  • Marianne Bjelland Kartzow, professor, Faculty of Theology

Staff members:

Academic Staff, STK

  • Harriet Bjerrum Nielsen, professor
  • Elisabeth L. Engebretsen, first lecturer
  • Reinert Skumsnes, PhD-candidate
  • Solveig Laugerud, PhD-candidate

Administrative staff, STK

  • Liv Sæther, Adviser
  • Helle P. Granum, Adviser

Student members:

Master students STK:

  • Hanna Rut Serigstad
  • Miram Hansen

The Student parlament, University of Oslo

  • Anja Maria Aardal
  • Nora Vigen

External members:

  • Mari Teigen, Deputy Director, Insitute for Social Research
  • Maria Grönroos, Deputy Manager, Swedish Secretariat for Gender Research
  • Ulf Mellström, professor in Gender Studies, Karlstad University
  • Rachel Eapen Paul, senior adviser, The Equality and anti-discrimination Ombud
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