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Picture of Anne-Jorunn Berg Berg, Anne-Jorunn Centre Director +47-22858973 41123867 41123867 Multicultural, Feminist theory, Science and technology studies, Gender studies
Picture of Anne Bitsch Bitsch, Anne +47-22858876 +1 (929) 325-4638 Masculinities, Sociology, Gender, Human Geography, Rape, Human rights, Feminist theory, Men
Picture of Tone Irene Brekke Brekke, Tone Irene Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22858743 Critical theory, Feminist theory, Literature, Romanticism, Gender
Picture of Elisabeth Lund Engebretsen Engebretsen, Elisabeth Lund Senior Lecturer +47-22858741 LGBT, Environment, Waste, Social Anthropology, Queer Theory, Feminist theory, Globalization, China, Kinship
Picture of Greta Gober Gober, Greta Guest Researcher / Higher Executive Officeer +47-96811793 Media, Cultural studies, Social change, Gender, Narrative research
Picture of Helle Pedersen Granum Granum, Helle Pedersen Adviser +47-22858937 Student Guidance, Internationalisation
Picture of Beatrice Halsaa Halsaa, Beatrice +47-22858976 Women’s movements, Citizenship, Equality, Multiculturalism, Social Science, Gender, Ethnicity, Feminist theory
Picture of Akke Wendelmoet Hamelink Hamelink, Akke Wendelmoet Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22858704 Syria, Gender studies, Subjectivity, Social anthropology, Narrative research, Refugee studies, Middle East, Kurds, Feminist theory, Religion, Diaspora
Picture of Hannah Helseth Helseth, Hannah Lecturer +47-22858702 Feminist theory, Gender, Sociology
Picture of Amund Rake Hoffart Hoffart, Amund Rake +47-22858907 Philosophy, Feminist theory, Gender
Picture of Øystein Gullvåg Holter Holter, Øystein Gullvåg Professor +47-22858953 Masculinities, Men, Democratization, Sociology, Equality, Gender
Picture of Ragni Indahl Indahl, Ragni Head of Office +47-22858940 +47-95150932 Financial management, Management
Picture of Michael Scott Kimmel Kimmel , Michael Scott Professor II Masculinities, Social Movements, Men, Sociology, Gender
Picture of Trine Rogg Korsvik Korsvik, Trine Rogg +47-22858952 Gender, Women's Movements, History
Picture of Agnes Kunszenti Kunszenti, Agnes Head Engineer +47-22858875
Picture of Solveig Laugerud Laugerud, Solveig Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22858947
Picture of Ulla-Britt Lilleaas Lilleaas, Ulla-Britt +47-22858979 92038367 Sociology, Health, Masculinities, Gender, Gender equality, Bodies
Picture of Wencke Mühleisen Mühleisen, Wencke +47-22858932 Gender Studies, Queer Theory, Media, Sexuality, Intimacy
Picture of Harriet Bjerrum Nielsen Nielsen, Harriet Bjerrum Professor Emeritus +47-22858942 +47-92667801 Girls, Boys, Gender socialisation, Psychoanalytic theory, Youth, Social change, Children, China, School, Generations, Identity, Gender, Subjectivity, Gender equality, Psychosocial perspectives, Modernity
Picture of Sara Elisabeth Sellevold Orning Orning, Sara Elisabeth Sellevold Senior Lecturer +47-22858740 Bodies, Equality, Literature, History, Disabilities, Feminist theory, Health, Film, Gender
Picture of Vilde Andrea Pettersen Pettersen, Vilde Andrea Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22858932
Picture of Unn Elisabet Rogg Rogg, Unn Elisabet Lecturer +47-22858744 Gender, Gender Equality, Sociology
Picture of Reinert Vikjord Skumsnes Skumsnes, Reinert Vikjord +47-22858742 History, Egyptology, Global South, Deconstruction, Gender
Picture of Ardis Storm-Mathisen Storm-Mathisen, Ardis Researcher +47-22858721 Gender, Global South, Children, Family, Body, Cultural studies, Youth, Sociology
Picture of Rannveig Svendby Svendby, Rannveig +47-22858857 41188993 +47 41188993 Social Anthropolgy, Rehabilitation, Disabilities, Men, Masculinities, Gender