Elisabeth Lund Engebretsen

Senior Lecturer - Centre for Gender Research
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Phone +47-22858741
Available hours By appointment only
Visiting address Gaustadalléen 30 D 4 et. Nemkobygget 0315 Blindern
Postal address Postboks 1040 Blindern 0315 OSLO

Academic Interests

  • China, East Asia
  • Nordic Europe
  • Gender and sexual diversity in transnational contexts
  • Globalization and emerging inequalities
  • Queer anthropology
  • Feminist theory; queer theory
  • Critical feminist pedagogy and knowledge production
  • Antifeminism; critical whiteness studies
  • Post-socialism; social movements; radical liberation and justice projects
  • Ethnographies of 'waste cultures'; environmental justice



Academic employment



  • 2014 Ruth Benedict Book Award ‘Honorable Mention’ for Queer women in urban China: An ethnography, the Association for Queer Anthropology, American Anthropological Association.
  • The Radcliffe Brown Trust/Sutosama Award, Royal Anthropological Institute, UK, 2007.
  • Chevening Scholarship, 2002-2003.

Memberships / Activities

Tags: LGBT, Environment, Waste, Social Anthropology, Queer Theory, Feminist theory, Globalization, China, Kinship


  • Pride-paraden: Fest eller protest? 45 år med skeiv synlighet og sivil (u)lydighet (The Pride parade - party or protest? 45 years of queer visibility and civil (dis)obedience). Oslo: Forlaget Manifest. Forthcoming in 2018.
  • Going public: Transnational pride politics and queer grassroots activism in China. In Brenna Munro and Gema Pérez-Sánchez (eds.) The Scholar & Feminist Online special issue: Thinking queer activism transnationally (Barnard Center for Research on Women). (October 2017).
  • Jævla homo! utfordrer kjønnsforskerne. Kilden Kjønnsforskning 18 oktober 2017.
  • Generations of feminist activisms in the PRC, edited special issue of journal (in progress) (edited with Cecilia Milwertz and Qi Wang). Forthcoming 2018.
  • Anthropology's queer sensibilities: Ethno-theoretical perspectives on gender and sexual diversity, special issue of the journal Sexualities, first published online April 2017 (guest editors: Paul Boyce, Elisabeth L. Engebretsen, Silvia Posocco), print version expected vol 21, issue 5-6, 2018.
  • Feminist mobilizing for mainstreaming or recuperation? Rethinking difference and solidarity politics in Norway. Journal article in progress.
  • Narrating the Nordic queer: Comparative perspectives on queer studies in Denmark, Finland and Norway. Lambda Nordica (1) 2017: 95-113 (co-authored with Mathias Danbolt and Kaisa Ilmonen).
  • "As long as my daughter is happy ...": Negotiating 'familial happiness' in parents' support-narratives for LGBTQ children. Forthcoming in Chinese discourses on happiness, Wielander, Gerda and Derek Hird (eds), Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press. Chapter 4. Forthcoming in 2018.
  • Choosing methods and shifting knowledge, in Christa Craven & Dana-ain Davis. Feminist ethnography: Thinking through methodologies, challenges, and possibilities. Lamham, Boulder, New York, London: Rowman & Littlefield, 2016.
  • Of pride and visibility: The contingent politics of queer grassroots activism in China, in Queer/Tongzhi China. NIAS Press. 2015, pp. 89-110.
  • Queer women in urban China: An ethnography. New York and London: Routledge. 2014 (paperback 2015)
  • Queer/Tongzhi China: New perspectives on research, activism and media cultures. Gendering Asia Series. Copenhagen: NIAS Press. 2015 (edited with William F. Schroeder and Hongwei Bao)
  • Precarity, protest, change: China’s ‘ant tribes’, Suomen Antropologi: Journal of the Finnish Anthropological Society 38(2): 62-71. 2013.





  • Engebretsen, Elisabeth Lund (2017). Going public: Transnational Pride politics and queer grassroots activism in China. S & F online.  ISSN 1558-9404.  16(2)
  • Engebretsen, Elisabeth Lund; Boyce, Paul & Posocco, Silvia (2017). Introduction: Anthropology's queer sensibilities. Sexualities.  ISSN 1363-4607. . doi: 10.1177/1363460717706667
  • Engebretsen, Elisabeth Lund (2016). Under pressure: Lesbian-gay contract marriages and their patriarchal bargains, In Stevan Harrell & Goncalo D. Santos (ed.),  Transforming patriarchy: Chinese families in the twentyfirst century.  University of Washington Press.  ISBN 9780295999821.  Kap..
  • Engebretsen, Elisabeth Lund (2015). Of pride and visibility: The contingent politics of queer grasroots activism in China, In  Queer/tongzhi China: New perspectives on research, activism and media cultures.  NIAS Press.  ISBN 978 87 7694 153 6.  kap. 6.  s 88 - 110
  • Engebretsen, Elisabeth Lund; Boyce, Paul; Posocco, Silvia; Renkin, Hadley; Graham, Mark; Tucker, Heather; Hossain, Adnan; Hendriks, Thomas; Riley, Taylor & Gonzalez-Polledo, EJ (2015). Anthropologists are talking about queer anthropology. Ethnos.  ISSN 0014-1844. . doi: 10.1080/00141844.2015.1084021
  • Engebretsen, Elisabeth Lund & Schroeder, William F. (2015). Introduction: Queer/Tongzhi China, In  Queer/tongzhi China: New perspectives on research, activism and media cultures.  NIAS Press.  ISBN 978 87 7694 153 6.  Introduction.  s 1 - 17
  • Engebretsen, Elisabeth Lund (2013). Precarity, protest, change: China’s ‘ant tribes'. Suomen Antropologi.  ISSN 0355-3930.  38(2), s 62- 71
  • Engebretsen, Elisabeth Lund (2012). On Urban Anthropology in Contemporary China, In  Anthropology in the city: Methodology and theory.  Ashgate.  ISBN 978-1-4094-0833-8.  Ch. 10.  s 191 - 213
  • Engebretsen, Elisabeth Lund (2009). Intimate practices, conjugal ideals: Affective ties and relationship strategies amongst lala ('lesbian') women in contemporary Beijing. Sexuality Research & Social Policy.  ISSN 1553-6610.  6(3), s 3- 15 . doi: 10.1525/srsp.2009.6.3.3
  • Engebretsen, Elisabeth Lund (2008). Queer Ethnography in Theory and Practice: Reflections on Studying Sexual Globalization and Women’s Queer Activism in Beijing. Graduate Journal of Social Science.  ISSN 1572-3763.  5(2), s 88- 116

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  • Engebretsen, Elisabeth Lund; Schroeder, William F.; Bao, Hongwei & Schroeder, William F. (2015). Queer/tongzhi China: New perspectives on research, activism and media cultures. NIAS Press.  ISBN 978 87 7694 153 6.  320 s.
  • Engebretsen, Elisabeth Lund (2014). Queer women in urban China: An ethnography. Routledge.  ISBN 9780415636209.  200 s. Show summary

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View all works in Cristin

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