Hegemonic masculinity revisited: non-hegemonic masculinities and social change

In this seminar, one of the world's foremost men and masculinities researchers, prof James W. Messerschmidt, presents recent advances in hegemonic masculinity theory and method development.

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Professor James W. Messerschmidt

James W. Messerschmidt

James W. Messerschmidt is a Professor of Sociology at the Women's and Gender Studies Program, University of Southern Maine. His research interests focus on the interrelation of gender, race, class, sexuality and crime.

His most recent book is Masculinities in the Making: From the Local to the Global, Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2016. In this book, Messerschmidt explores how masculinity is created through life histories on very different subjects-genderqueers, boys who have been bullied at school, and presidents-that illustrate theory in action.

About the lecture

In this talk, Messerschmidt argues that hegemonic masculinities are much more pervasive than previously thought and, therefore, requires new conceptualizations of how to challenge such omnipresent gender inequalities.

Messerschmidt outlines professor Raewyn Connell’s concepts of hegemonic and multiple non-hegemonic masculinities and then turns to how these concepts were reformulated. He assesses the validity of these reformulations by discussing recent scholarly work examining both multiple hegemonic and non-hegemonic masculinities in the global North and the global South.

He ends by highlighting new directions in the study of in particular multiple hegemonic masculinities and their relation to both the omnipresent nature of gender inequality and the possibilities for social change.


11:30-12:15 Lunch

12:15-13:00 Lecture by James W. Messerschmidt

13:00-14:00 Q&A




Øystein G. Holter, Centre for Gender research
Tags: Masculinities, Messerschmidt, Raewyn Connell
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