Gender Equality Research Network

The Gender Equality Research Network at the Centre works with gender equality issues related to important dimensions like work and family, health and quality of life, power and democratization, victimization and violence.

About the network

Norway and the Nordic countries are in the frontline in the international development of gender equality. The central importance of gender equality is becoming more visible within research areas like welfare research, innovation studies and economic research, and within disciplines like history, sociology, philosophy and political science. But what is the precise meaning of gender equality? Research on gender equality focuses on gender equality and inequality, the different degrees of social stratification related to gender, and the different forms of gender stratification.

The group’s interdisciplinary work emphasises basic research and theory development, combinations of actor-oriented and structure-oriented perspectives, and includes empirical and critical interpretation studies. The group is mainly oriented towards social science but also includes cultural studies, like historical and philosophical analyses of the establishment and usage of gender equality concepts. The group’s research challenges include better understanding of the basic problems of gender equality and its historical development, improved knowledge of gender equality related to other hierarchical dimensions like social class and ethnicity, and better understanding of “gender equality paradoxes” and the uneven development of gender equality.



Published Sep. 29, 2011 9:22 AM - Last modified May 10, 2016 9:45 AM