Gendered Nursing and Care?

An institutional ethnographic study of the meanings of gender in nursing education and in the nurses’ meetings with male patients.

About the project

The aim of this Ph-D. project is to shed light on the role of gender and masculinity in nurse education and the practice of care. The background of the interest in and importance of exploring the roles and meanings of gender in different health contexts, is the way men seem to cope with their health and illness. Some of the questions I ask is:

  • Do nurses implicit conceptions of gender make it easy or hard for men to cope in a situation of serious illness?

  • Do the latter rely upon the understanding of men as the strong sex?

  • How does the nurses, which is involved in care, understand the male patients (gendered) life projects?

  • And how do the personnel understand the male patients needs for information, treatment and care?

  • How the nurses understand their own and the patient's role in this communication is focal for how they choose to meet the patients.

The study is based on field observations and interviews of and nurses, nurse students and teachers at two nurse educations.Financing


Department of Health and Nursing Science. University of Agder and Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development. Period: 2010 - 2013.

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