Research topic: Equality


Research projects

  • Discourses on sexuality and intimacy in Norwegian and Nordic gender and gender equality research

  • Feminist Activism on the Margins: Minority Women and their Demands for Gender-fair multicultural citizenship in a European Context

  • Fighting violence against women: a comparative study of women's liberation movements in Norway and France, about 1970-1983

  • Gender Equality Surveys

  • Gender and career

  • Gender in time and space

  • Gendered Nursing and Care?

  • Growing up in the Egalitarian Family

  • Hotspots of ethnicity: Noise and sexuality in school

  • Inclusive Norwegianness? Women, participatory citizenship, identity and belonging in a multicultural Norway

  • Legal Pluralism, Gender and Political Islam in Norway

  • Opportunities and Barriers in Recruitment and Advancement

  • Religion and Gender Equality. What is the Norwegian Policy?

  • Social innovation

  • The Geography of Rape

  • The role of Men in Gender Equality

  • Youth demands, school demands and life space




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