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Publisert 26. sep. 2018 10:49

The Centre for Gender Research at the University of Oslo is proud to offer a PhD-course with professor Nancy Fraser this autumn. Nancy Fraser is a Henry A. & Louise Loeb Professor of Political & Social Science at The New School for Social Research and professor II at Centre for Gender Research (STK), University of Oslo.

Publisert 25. mars 2019 15:17

In her project Too drunk to fuck? Exploring the Boundaries Between Consensual and Non-consensual Sexual Encounters Under the Influence of Alcohol, Maria Hansen addresses the dilemmas that drunken sex may entail, like situations in which it may be difficult to define what happened, but where expectations regarding gender, sex and alcohol influence the meaning-making process after the sexual encounter.

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Full title: New sexualities - new vulnerabilities? A gendered and classed perspective on sexual agency and vulnerability in young people’s sexual and intimate relationships.

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The novelty of this project is the explicit dialogue between Egyptology and feminist theory, between the body/sex/gender divide (present theory) and the empirical material (past practice). Its contribution is important, not only because new discoveries force us to re-evaluate what we thought we knew about the past, but also because the records and topics addressed in this project have received limited attention in the past, and never been put together in a study like this.

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The aim of Equality and Excellence in Sustainable Balance? Gender, Love and Desire for Knowledge in the Competitive University is to examine how different formations of desire for knowledge, and attendant ways of being and relating, thrive and prosper or crumble and perish in response to the marketization of universities and commodification of knowledge production.

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This project explores how increasing levels of diversity in the personnel of Nordic security forces relate to changing perceptions of trust and security, both within these organizations and in their broader interactions with society.

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