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Tove Pettersen is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Oslo. She specializes in Feminist Philosophy and Feminist Ethics, especially in the Ethics of Care and the Existential Ethics of Simone de Beauvoir. Although Pettersen works primarily in Feminist Philosophy, Feminist Ethics, Moral Philosophy, Feminist History of Philosophy, Existential Philosophy and the Philosophy of Ageing, she is also interested in Political Philosophy, Phenomenology, and Environmental Philosophy. She has also taken a special interest in academic writing. In 2012 she received the Norwegian award "På Kanten-prisen" for her work in feminist philosophy.

Pettersen received her Doctor Artium (equivalent to PhD) in philosophy at the University of Oslo (UiO) in 2004 with a dissertation on the Ethics of Care. She completed her Candidatus Philologiae (equivalent to MA) in the History of Ideas on Postmodern Philosophy, and has also studied Economics and holds a Candidata Magisterii (equivalent BA) in Political Science. From 1992-2004 she was a lecturer at the Philosophy Department (UiO). In 2004-2006 she was granted a Postdoctoral Fellowship in order to work on Simone de Beauvoir’s ethics, and she was also the Director of Research at the Ethics Programme. From 2006-2010 Pettersen was Associate Professor, and from 2011-2019 a full Professor of Philosophy at the Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas (UiO). From 2019 Pettersen is a professor at Center for Gender Research (UiO), and currently also Head of Studies.

From 2016-2019 Pettersen was President of The International Simone de Beauvoir Society, and the organization's Chair of the Boards of Directors. She is a member of the Advisory Board of Simone de Beauvoir Studies, from 2015-2017 she was a member of the Academic Board of the Erasmus+ project “Gender and Philosophy: Developing learning and teaching practices to include underrepresented groups” (GAP), and from 2019 Primary National Member of The Norwegian Centre on Healthy Aging.

Her publications include:

“Less Travelled Texts: The Case of Women Philosophers” (2018), Historie og filosofi 2 (2018 with Moum, “Love–According to Beauvoir” (2017), Simone de Beauvoir-A Humanist Thinker (2015 with A. Bjørsnøs), Skriv. Fra idé til fagoppgave (2015), “Kjønn og feminisme i norsk filosofi” (2015 with I. Bostad),"Simone de Beauvoir. Frihet og situasjon" (2013), “Conceptions of Care” (2012), "Etikk, eksempelbruk og feministiske moteksempler" (2012), “The Ethics of Care: Normative Structures and Empirical Implications” (2011), “Moral Ontology in Beauvoir’s Pyrrhus and Cinéas” (2010), Filosofiens annet kjønn (2011), introduction to the Norwegian translation of Phyrrhus and Cinéas and The Ethics of Ambiguity (2009), Comprehending Care (2008), “Freedom and Feminism in Beauvoir’s Philosophy” (2008), “Feministisk etikk” (2007), “Omsorg som etisk teori” (2006), “Moralsk frihet og situasjon: Simone de Beauvoir” (2006), Dialog og Danning (2006 with I. Bostad).


Her teaching includes


    Tags: Philosophy, Feminist philosophy, Feminist theory, Feminist Ethics, Feminist History of Philosophy, Simone de Beauvoir, Existentialism, Philosophy of Ageing



    • Historie og filosofi II (2018 Cappelen,coauthor)
    • Simone de Beauvoir- A Humanist Thinker (Brill 2015, edited and coauthored with Annalug Bjørsnøs)
    • Skriv. Fra idé til fagoppgave (2015, Gyldendal Akademiske)
    • Filosofiens annet kjønn. Introduksjoner til den feministiske filosofien (Pax 2011)
    • Comprehendig Care. Problems and Possibilities in The Ethics of Care (Rowman & Littlefield 2008)
    • Dialog og danning. Det filosofiske grunnlaget for læring (2006 Scandinavian University Press, edited and coauthored with Inga Bostad)
    • Essayskriving til exphil (2003 Gyldendal Akademiske, coauthored with Per Ariansen)

    Some recent articles

    • “Less Travelled Texts: The Case of Women Philosophers” (2018),in Gender and Translation: Understanding Agents in Transnational Reception, eds. Isis Herrero Lópes, Johanna Akujarvi, Cecilia Alvstad, Synnøve Lindtner, York University, Vita Traductiva, Collection in Translation Studies 2018, pp. 153-178.

    • “Love – According to Simone de Beauvoir” 2017), in A Companion to Simone de Beauvoir, First Edition, eds. Laura Hengehold and Nancy Bauer. Hoboken: Wiley Blackwell. pp. 160-173.

    • “Kjønn og feminisme i norsk filosofi–noen betraktninger” (2015), in Norsk filosofisk tidsskrift  vol. 50, nr. 3–4,129-148 (coauthored with Inga Bostad)

    • "Simone de Beauvoir. Frihet og situasjon"  (2013), coauthored with Else Wiestad Exphil I, Oslo, Akademisk forlag, pp. 351–379.

    • "Conceptions of Care: Altruism, Feminism, and Mature Care" (2012), inHypatia, vol. 27, no 2 (Spring), pp. 366-389.
    • "The Ethics of Care: Normative Structures and Empirical Implications" (2011), in  Health Care Analysis, 19 (1) pp. 51–64.  
    • "Mature Care and Reciprocity. Two Cases from Acute Psychiatry" (2011), coauthored with Marit Helene Hem), in Nursing Ethics, 18(2), pp. 217-231.
    • Mature Care and Nursing in Psychiatry: Notions Regarding Reciprocity in Asymmetric Professional Relationships (2011), coauthored with Marit Helene Hem, in Health Care Analysis,  19 (1) pp. 65–76.
    • "Kropp, kjønn og moralfilosofi" (2011), i Religion og livsyn nr. 2/11, s. 34–39.
    • "Acting for Others: Moral Ontology in Beauvoir's Pyrrhus and Cineas” (2010), in Simone de Beauvoir Studies Volume 26,  2009–2010, Simone de Beauvoir Society,  Menlo Park California ISSN 1063-2042, pp. 18-27. 
    • "Simone de Beauvoirs etikk" (2009), introduction to the Norwegian translation of Simone de Beauvoir’s Pour une morale de l'ambiguïté, Pax forlag A/S, Oslo, pp. 7-28.
    • “La joie existentielle et l’angoisse dans la philosophie moral de Simone de Beauvoir” (2008, ed. Julia Kristeva)
    • “Freedom and Feminism in Simone de Beauvoir's philosophy” (2008), Simone de Beauvoir Studies Volume 24,  2007–2008, p. 57–65.
    • “Feministisk etikk", Norsk filosofisk tidsskift (2007)”
    • “Moralsk frihet og situasjon; Simone de Beauvoir”, Norsk filsosofisk tidsskrift  (2006) 
    • “Omsorg som etisk teori”, Norsk filosofisk tidsskrift (2006)
    • “Eksistens og mening”. Kapittel 3 i Historie og filosofi 2,  Rørvik, Tor-Inge, Pettersen, T et. al, Oslo, Cappelen.
    • “Politiske ideologier og ideer”- Kapittel 5  i  Historie og filosofi 2, Rørvik, Tor Inge, Pettersen, T. ), Oslo, Cappelen.
    • Pettersen, Tove (2020). Simone de Beauvoir and the “Lunacy Known as ‘Philosophical System’”, In Sigridur Torgeirsdottir & Ruth Hagengruber (ed.),  Methodological Reflections on Women’s Contribution and Influence in the History of Philosophy.  Springer Nature.  ISBN 978-3-030-44420-4.  Chapter 9.  s 125 - 142 Full text in Research Archive. Show summary
    • Pettersen, Tove (2018). Less Travelled Texts: The Case of Women Philosophers, In Isis Herrero López; Cecilia Alvstad; Johanna Akujarvi & Synnøve Skarsbø Lindtner (ed.),  Gender and Translation: Understanding Agents in Transnational Reception.  Éditions québécoises de l'oeuvre.  ISBN 978-2-924337-13-4.  Women Philosophers: From Absence to Gendered Presence.  s 153 - 178 Show summary
    • Pettersen, Tove (2017). Love - According to Simone de Beauvoir, In Laura Hengehold & Nancy Bauer (ed.),  Blackwell Companions to Philosophy. A Companion to Simone de Beauvoir.  Wiley-Blackwell.  ISBN 978-1-118-79602-3.  13.  s 160 - 173
    • Bostad, Inga & Pettersen, Tove (2015). Kjønn og feminisme i norsk filosofi - noen betraktninger. Norsk Filosofisk tidsskrift.  ISSN 0029-1943.  50(3-4), s 129- 148 Show summary
    • Pettersen, Tove (2015). Simone de Beauvoir: On moral freedom, Humanism and The Humanities, In Tove Pettersen & Annlaug Irene Bjørsnøs (ed.),  Simone de Beauvoir – A Humanist Thinker.  Brill|Rodopi.  ISBN 978-90-04-29440-0.  Chapter 5.  s 69 - 91 Show summary
    • Pettersen, Tove (2012). Conceptions of Care: Altruism, Feminism, and Mature Care. Hypatia.  ISSN 0887-5367.  27(2), s 366- 389 . doi: 10.1111/j.1527-2001.2011.01197.x Show summary
    • Pettersen, Tove (2012). Etikk, eksempelbruk og feministiske moteksempler, I: Ellen Marie Krefting; Anne Eriksen & Anne Birgitte Rønning (red.),  Eksemplets makt. Kjønn, representasjon og autoritet fra antikken til i dag.  Spartacus.  ISBN 9788230400890.  Kapittel 9.  s 220 - 252
    • Pettersen, Tove & Hem, Marit Helene (2012). Assistenza evoluta e resiprocità: Una nuova concezione per l’ etica della care. Lavoro sociale.  ISSN 1721-4149.  2012(1), s 21- 42
    • Hem, Marit Helene & Pettersen, Tove (2011). Mature Care and Nursing in Psychiatry: Notions Regarding Reciprocity in Asymmetric Professional Relationships. Health Care Analysis.  ISSN 1065-3058.  19(1), s 65- 76 . doi: 10.1007/s10728-011-0167-y Show summary
    • Pettersen, Tove (2011). "Conceptions of Care. Altruism, Feminism and Mature Care". Hypatia.  ISSN 0887-5367. . doi: 10.1111/j.1527-2001.2011.01197.x
    • Pettersen, Tove (2011). Kropp, kjønn og moralfilosofi. Religion og livssyn : Tidsskrift for religionslærerforeningen i Norge.  ISSN 0802-8214.  (2), s 34- 39
    • Pettersen, Tove (2011). The Ethics of Care: Normative Structures and Empirical Implications. Health Care Analysis.  ISSN 1065-3058.  19(1), s 51- 64 . doi: 10.1007/s10728-010-0163-7
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    • Pettersen, Tove (2010). “Acting for Others: Moral Ontology in Beauvoir's Pyrrhus and Cineas”. Simone de Beauvoir Studies.  ISSN 1063-2042.  26, s 18- 27 Show summary

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    • Bostad, Inga & Pettersen, Tove (red.) (2019). Dialog og danning. Spartacus.  ISBN 9788230402405.  145 s.
    • Pettersen, Tove; Moum, Tommy & Sævareid, Atle (2018). Historie og filosofi 2. Cappelen Damm AS.  ISBN 9788202516307.  416 s.
    • Pettersen, Tove; Moum, Tommy & Sævareid, Atle (2018). Historie og filosofi 2. Cappelen Damm AS.  ISBN 9788202516291.  416 s.
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    • Pettersen, Tove (red.) (2013). Exphil I. Filosofi- og vitenskapshistorie. Akademika forlag.  ISBN 978-82-91670-58-4.  387 s.
    • Pettersen, Tove (2011). Filosofiens annet kjønn. Introduksjoner til den feministiske filosofien. Pax Forlag.  ISBN 9788253033402.  250 s. Show summary

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    • Bergersen, Linda Hildegard; Bjorvand Bjørkøy, Aasta Marie; Fei Fang, Evandro; Gjelsvik, Olav; Hystad Hove, Lene; Liaaen Jensen, Janicke; Markussen, Simen; Melberg, Hans Olav; Loge Nilsen, Hilde; Petersen, Fernanda Cristina; Pettersen, Tove & Storm-Mathisen, Jon (2020). Vi må kunne tenke nytt om alderdom.
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    • Pettersen, Tove (2019). A Word from the President of the Society/Le mot de la Présidente de la Société. Simone de Beauvoir Studies.  ISSN 1063-2042.  30(1), s 27- 31 . doi:
    • Pettersen, Tove (2019). Beauvoir’s Feminist Ethics: Caring for The Other.
    • Pettersen, Tove (2019). "Det dreier seg om et mannsproblem". Alder, kjønn og feministisk filosofi i Simone de Beauvoirs 'Alderdommen'. Show summary
    • Pettersen, Tove (2019). Philosophy and feminism: On the relationship between (the lack of) gender perspectives and gender balance in the field of philosophy.
    • Pettersen, Tove (2019). Simone de Beauvoirs dystopi: Når privilegier blir naturalisert.
    • Pettersen, Tove (2018). Alderdommen: Simone de Beauvoirs analyse. Show summary
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    • Pettersen, Tove (2018). Simone de Beauvoir om kjønn og kjærlighet. Show summary
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    • Pettersen, Tove (2011). Asymmetrisk omsorgsarbeid – etisk ansvarsfordeling.
    • Pettersen, Tove (2011, 28. juni). Etikk i det virkelige liv. Show summary
    • Pettersen, Tove (2011, 30. mars). Hvorfor mangler kvinderne i filosofihistorien?. [Internett].
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