Dominant Narratives of Masculinities within Educational Contexts

As part of the seminar series Boys, Men and Masculinities (Gutter, menn og maskuliniteter), we invite you to the seminar Dominant Narratives of Masculinities within Educational Contexts with Professor Adam Howard (Colby College). The seminar is organized by the Centre for Gender Research in cooperation with The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (Front2 project on gender balance).

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This talk explores the lessons that students at all-boys schools in the U.S. context are taught about manhood. Howard identifies the ways in which these lessons are conduits of power, facilitating ways of knowing and doing that preserve and protect a culture of hypermasculinity, elitism, and entitlement. He offers some possibilities for disrupting dominant narratives of masculinities within these spaces. 

Adam Howard is professor of education at Colby College (USA). His research focuses on the relationship between identity development and advantages in order to form better understandings of how privilege works. He is currently conducting a study of the educational experiences of students at elite all-boys schools in the USA. His books include Learning Privilege: Lessons of Power and Identity in Affluent Schooling and Negotiating Privilege and Identity in Educational Contexts.

Published Sep. 13, 2019 3:36 PM - Last modified Oct. 25, 2019 9:14 AM