Helene Aarseth shortlisted for prize!

We congratulate Helene Aarseth, Professor at Centre for Gender Research, with being shortlisted for the Sociological Review prize for outstanding scholarship 2016.


Photo: Helen Aarseth is Professor at Centre for Gender Research

She was nominated with the paper “Eros in the field? Bourdieu's double account of socialized desire”, published in the Sociological Review in February 2016.

The Sociological Review is one of the world’s foremost journals for sociological inquiry in all traditions, with over 100 years of publishing high quality and innovative articles. The winning article and the shortlisted articles are made free to access for a year by publisher, SAGE.

Abstract from “Eros in the field? Bourdieu's double account of socialized desire”

In his later works, Bourdieu draws extensively on psychoanalytic approaches in accounting for his concept of socialized subjectivity as bound to the social world by an intense affective grip. This emotional turn holds potential for further developing Bourdieu's account of subjectivity as a formation of socialized desire. However, in accounting for this socialized desire, Bourdieu relapses into a dualism of subjective and objective structures, incompatible with the Merleau-Pontyian roots of his practice theory. Tracing this problem to the antagonism between desire and culture in the psychoanalytic accounts that Bourdieu draws on, I propose that the psychoanalytic scholar Hans Loewald's account of Eros may enable a move beyond this impasse, offering a promising conceptual basis for taking further the account of socialized subjectivity and socialized desire in Bourdieu's practice theory.



By Malin Lenita Vik
Published Aug. 3, 2017 10:59 AM - Last modified July 11, 2018 2:16 PM