Lois McNay appointed Professor II at the Centre for Gender Research

Lois McNay was recently appointed Professor II at the Centre for Gender Research in collaboration with the Faculty for Social Science. She will be an asset to gender research at UiO, but also to research at the intersection between feminist, social and political theory more broadly.

Profile photo of Professor Lois McNay

Lois McNay is new Professor II at the Centre for Gender Research. Photo: Somerville College

Professor of Political Theory at Oxford University

Lois McNay is Professor of Political Theory at Oxford University and Fellow of Somerville College. Her interests are continental social and political thought and feminist theory, and in particular, the work of Michel Foucault, Pierre Bourdieu and the Frankfurt School of Critical Theorists. She has published extensively, and her publications include Foucault and Feminism: Power, Gender and the Self (1992), Foucault: A Critical Introduction (1994), Gender and Agency: Reconfiguring the Subject in Feminist and Social Theory (2000), Against Recognition (2007) and The Misguided Search for the Political (2014). 

Collaboration with the Faculty of Social Science

Lois McNay is appointed for a period of two years (2018-2019), and is part of the Centre's collaboration with the Faculty of Social Science, which goes back to 1991 when both the Faculty Humanities and Social Sciences decided to allocate a Professor II to the Centre. Later, similar agreements has also been made with the Faculty of Medicine, and Mathematics and Natural Sciences. The agreement with the different Faculties has later taken different forms. 

The remit of the Professor II post is to maintain and strengthen research and supervision in the field of gender research at the University of Oslo. More specifically, the Professor II is involved in tasks within his/her specialities such as: planning and implementing Phd courses; multi-disciplinary guiding and training of researchers; arranging open seminars; facilitating academic contact, promoting cooperation and interdisciplinary research across disciplines, both nationally and internationally.

Previous Professor II’s include Gro Hagemann (1993-1998), Jorunn Solheim (1993-1998), Kirsti Malterud (1994-2000), Maud Eduards (1999-2004), Christina Mörtberg (2001-2006), Maja-Lisa Honkasalo (2005-2006), Sara Heinämaa (1998-2008), Berit Schei (2012-2016), Sasha Roseneil (2005-2015), Nancy Fraser (2015-2017) and Michael Kimmel (2016-2017).

By Reinert Skumsnes
Published May 25, 2018 3:14 PM - Last modified Aug. 3, 2020 1:39 PM