Summer at STK

The holidays are here, but STK is still buzzing with activity: the spring semester is being finalized, international students are taught about gender equality in the Nordic countries, and final adjustments are made for the autumn semester.

Three pople enjoying the sun

Director Anne-Jorunn Berg, Lecturer Johanna Hjertquist and Senior Executive Officer Reinert Skumsnes enjoy their lunch break in the sun. Photo: Helle P. Granum

Course on Gender Equality in the Nordic Countries

The International Summer School at UiO offers a course on gender equality in the Nordic countries (ISSHF2060/ISSHF4060), and Johanna Hjertquist, lecturer at STK, is responsible for the teaching.

24 students are taking the course that last over six intensive weeks. Among the students, the majority are women, but six men also attend the course. Many define themselves beyond traditional gender categories, and are also politically active. Almost every continent is represented, as the students come from countries like Cuba, Mexico, Aserbadjan, Georgia, China, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Malawi, France and the United States.

Despite very different backgrounds, they share an interest in gender and gender equality issues, as well as the Nordic model and way of living. The students are particularly interested in the interaction, and possible contradiction, between policy guidelines and practices, as well as the transfer value of the Nordic model to their own home country.

The course gives a thorough introduction to the Nordic context after 1970, and insight into how gender equality as a concept, model and lifestyle has evolved over time, and is practiced today. One looks closer at gender equality in daily and working life, education and politics, and in the context of perspectives such as intersectionality, masculinity studies and gender-based violence. Central and frequently discussed topics are the so-called Nordic model and paradox of gender equality.

The course not only has a theoretical profile, but also includes fieldwork in the streets of Oslo, a visits to Kilden and a crisis center.

New seminar program

The seminar program for autumn 2018 is being planned. Among the highlights, already planned, is a symposium with our new Professor II, Lois McNay. There will also be a seminar series on critical thinking and so-called slow research. Information about additional seminars will be announced shortly.

Published July 18, 2018 4:13 PM - Last modified June 21, 2019 2:27 PM