Øystein Gullvåg Holter: Gender Equality and Quality of Life: European Blueprint Questionnaire and Guide

Written by Øystein Gullvåg Holter, professor at Centre for Gender Research and Ewa Krzaklewska, researcher at Jagiellonian University in Krakow.


The Blueprint Questionnaire is a detailed proposal for a common European survey on gender equality. It is designed for the specific purpose of mapping gender (in)equality as an individual life-course experience in diverse areas of life and analysing the influence of gender equality on quality of life. The survey can also be used as a national or regional survey, as the research model is flexible and allows for national adaptation and development.

The questionnaire was developed in response to the need for more in-depth knowledge of gender equality. Instead of a limited set of variables mostly concerned with the public sphere, it has an extended set of variables covering most parts of life, including childhood and adolescence, work, households and families, parent and child care, civic activity, experiences and attitudes of gender equality, violence, health and quality of life. It includes a focus on diversity and other social hierarchies, on men and masculinities, and on actual choices and practices as well as traditions and values related to gender and gender equality.

The Blueprint Guide is a companion document to the Blueprint Questionnaire. The Guide specifies the theoretical and technical basis of the analytical model for studying gender equality, and explains the design of the questionnaire based on this model.The Questionnaire and Guide are made available on the basis of Creative Commons BY-NC-ND (Attribution + Noncommercial + NoDerivatives) license.


The research leading to these results has received funding from the Polish-Norwegian Research Programme operated by the National Centre for Research and Development under the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 in the frame of Project Contract No Pol-Nor/200641/63/2013.

Download Gender equality and quality of life: European blueprint information and instructions (pdf)


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