Age Agency Ambiguity - gender and generation in times of change

This conference is hosted by The Centre for Gender Research at the University of Oslo and is the 6th conference of the Sino-Nordic Women and Gender Studies Conference Series.

Photo/lay-out: Anne Houe

This conference focuses on gender and generations in times of social and economic change, in particular economic crises, migration and environmental challenges. Processes of industrialization, urbanization, deregulation, migration and globalization have had profound effects on gender and generational relations that display both differences and similarities in different national and regional contexts. These have far - reaching consequences on the conditions for gender equality work and feminist academic research practices.

The aim of the conference is to understand the multifaceted impacts of modernisation and crises on different age groups (Age), gendered strategies to deal with the impacts/changes (Agency) as well as the uncertainties people are facing (Ambiguity).

The conference invites papers on a wide array of topics related to gender, generation and modernization. Papers may focus on different aspects of modernization of everyday life, for instance, family, work, education, youth, sexuality, reproduction, body and consumption, or on wider issues connected to human rights, feminist activism, politics, environmental challenges and sustainability. We invite papers that address these issues either in a single national context or by comparing different contexts.

The conference aims at bringing together gender scholars from the Nordic countries, China and other countries who work with issues related to gender, generation and processes of modernization either in their own country, in other countries, or both.The idea is to utilize differences between regions and regional academic cultures to better understand the developments of gender relations and gender equality in each location, as well as to facilitate dialogue and exchange with a view to strengthening theory and scholarly practice. What can be learned about and from each other, and what can be learned about one self from looking with other(s') eyes? The main focus will be on the Nordic countries and China, however, studies of other regions are also welcome.

Published Aug. 17, 2016 4:38 PM - Last modified Sep. 27, 2018 9:24 AM