Learning outcome and course requirements

Learning outcome

The participants will be able to use key theoretical tools developed in the theories of Michael Foucault, Pierre Bourdieu and Axel Honneth in the discussions and analysis of their own research; to identify the potentials and limitations of these theories/theoretical tools in relation to specific research questions. This will be achieved on the basis of (1) mandatory reading of syllabus, (2) preparation of paper (8-10 pages) that engage with one or more of the themes on the syllabus in relation to one's own research, (3) lectures based on themes on the syllabus, and (4) presentation and discussion of work in progress related to the themes on the syllabus.

Course requirements

All students must have read the syllabus, participate in all course sessions and take active part in the ensuing discussions.


For students registered for 3 ECTS:

Give an oral presentation (5–10 minutes) of two texts from the syllabus and develop some critical questions for further discussion.

Give notice of your choice of texts by 2. September 2019.


For students registered for 5 ECTS:

Write a paper (8-10 pages, times new roman 12, spacing 1,5) that address elements of your own research in dialogue with themes/texts on the syllabus. During the course, you will give an oral presentation (15 min) based on this paper, aiming to inspire and open discussions of specific aspects of the course syllabus. In addition, you will serve as a first opponent (5-10 min), and chair, in the discussions following a fellow student’s presentation.

In order to ensure good feedback and fruitful discussions on the different student papers, these will be distributed among the participants approx. one week prior to the course. Deadline for submission: 2. September 2019

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