PhD course: Gender Politics: Capitalism, (In)justice and Representation

The Centre for Gender Research at the University of Oslo is proud to offer a PhD-course with professor Nancy Fraser this autumn. Nancy Fraser is a Henry A. & Louise Loeb Professor of Political & Social Science at The New School for Social Research and professor II at Centre for Gender Research (STK), University of Oslo.

Since the beginnings of the modern era, gender politics have always been shaped by the evolving forms of capitalist society. In this PhD course, we seek to clarify this relation by focusing on three main themes:

  1. Historical shifts in the institutional structures of capitalist society, which shape its gender order and gender politics
  2. Structurally entrenched forms of gender injustice that arise in the dimensions of (mal)distribution, (mis)recognition and (mis)representation and that intersect with axes of class, “race”-ethnicity, nationality, religion and sex
  3. Historical shifts in the forms of gender struggle, especially in relation to changing structures of publicity, discursive representation and constructions of hegemony/counterhegemony

The Phd-course will be divided into four sessions, three of whom will focus on the main themes of the course: 1. capitalism; 2. (in)justice; 3. representation. Each session will consist of lectures, discussions and student presentations.


Those who take part in the PhD-course will chose between 1) presenting one text from the curriculum (3 ECTS), or 2) presenting a pre-circulated paper (max 10 pages) on a topic germane to the theme of the course (5 ECTS).



Limited places available, if fully booked we will create a waiting list.

Tags: capitalism, gender, PhD course, justice, injustice
Published Sep. 26, 2018 10:49 AM - Last modified Feb. 21, 2020 1:00 PM