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Watch the NORA 2022 keynote lectures

Did you miss the NORA Conference 2022, or would you like to listen again to the keynote lectures? Below you will find video recordings of the talks given by Marianne Liljeström, Amund Rake Hoffart, Astri Dankertsen and Raewyn Connell.

Collage of pictures of keynote speakers against abstract background

L-r: Raewyn Connell, Marianne Liljeström, Astri Dankertsen, Amund Rake Hoffart. 

Please note that with the exception of Connell's digital lecture, the videos consist only of Powerpoint slides and audio. Closed captions are available for all of these videos, but be aware that the captions are automatically generated, and might contain minor errors. 

Marianne Liljeström: All-embracing Feminism: About Epistemic Habits and Gestures Within Nordic Academic Feminism

Amund Rake Hoffart: The Quest for the Right Metaphor in Metacommentaries on Intersectionality

Astri Dankertsen: Fighting Colonial Erasure of Sámi Presence through Indigenous Feminist Perspectives

Raewyn Connell: Nordic Feminism and Our Future

By Anna Young
Published Sep. 8, 2022 8:32 AM - Last modified Sep. 8, 2022 3:41 PM