FEMCIT - Gendered Citizenship in Multucultural Europe (completed) (completed)

The Impact of Contemporary Women's Movements

About the project

FEMCIT explores the relationship between the changing forms  and practices of gendered citizenship in a multicultural Europe and the demands and practices of contemporary women’s movements. We are studying how citizenship is gendered, and how women, as ordinary citizens and activists, have been involved in challenging inequalities and injustice across Europe.

A number of the research projects in this group are in their final phase.
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Bookseries "Citizenship, Gender and Diversity" (Palgrave Macmillan) formidler resultater fra prosjektet. Se FEMCIT: Anthology "Remaking Citizenship in Multicultural Europe: Women's Movements, Gender and Diversity" (eds. Halsaa, Roseneil, Sümer)


FEMCIT is a research project funded under the Sixth Framework of the European Commission. The project duration is from 2007 until  2011.


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Scientific leader

Professor Beatrice Halsaa


  • Beatrice Halsaa
  • Cecilie Thun
  • Madeleine Kennedy-Macfoy
  • Trine Rogg Korsvik
  • Sasha Roseneil
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