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You can now submit paper proposals to the NORA Conference 2022

The NORA Conference 2022 will be taking place in Oslo on June 20th-22nd, with the theme "Tensions and Potentials in Nordic Feminist and Gender Research". The conference committee is now welcoming paper proposals. 

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The NORA Conference 2022 aims to bring Nordic feminist and gender researchers together, to create an intellectual space for situating and mapping the breadth and depth of Nordic feminist and gender research today, as well as facilitating transnational and transdisciplinary dialogue. 

The event will feature four keynote speakers: Raewyn Connell (University of Sydney), Astri Dankertsen (Nord University), Amund Rake Hoffart (Örebro University), and Marianne Liljeström (University of Turku).

The conference will also include plenary panels discussing topics that include:  

  • The gendered interactions between the global and the local: today’s challenges in the Arctic 

  • What is queer about Nordic feminist and gender studies now? 

  • Rethinking the Concept of “Race” in Gender Studies in the Nordic context 

  • Are We Free Yet? Imagining Black Feminist Futures through the Politics of the Ordinary 

Visit the conference website for more information about the keynote lectures and plenary sessions. 

Parallel sessions and paper proposals

Those wishing to organize conference sessions were encouraged to send in  proposals over the course of the summer, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. The committee received session proposals on a huge variety of themes, and ultimately decided to accept 32 session proposals. This includes 19 sessions that are open to paper submissions, 2 open round table discussions, and 11 predefined paper sessions. 

From Monday 27 September, the committee will be welcoming paper proposals. Download the call for papers here

The committee encourages all those who are interested in presenting a paper at the conference to consult the overview of the accepted sessions. Please note that the paper sessions will be organized in different ways. Open paper sessions have a set theme, but are open to paper proposals. Similarly, open round table sessions have a set theme, but are open to additional contributors. Predefined paper sessions already have a panel in place and are therefore closed to further paper proposals.

If you cannot find a session that fits your paper topic, you are welcome to submit your paper proposal to a thematically open session by going directly to the submission form. The conference committee will then group together accepted paper proposals in sessions. 

The deadline for all paper proposals is 20 December 2021.

Registration for the conference will begin in October. Please visit the conference website for more information. 


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