Intimacies in contemporary literature and art (completed)

This strand focuses on Norwegian art and literature since the mid 1990s.

About the project

The project sets out to conduct discourse analysis of a sample of Norwegian literature specially literature that incorporates notions of feminism. The sample of art-works consists of performance-art, relational art and photos/videos in addition to how these are received and critical inquiries into the fields. The project focuses in particular upon cultural circulations of normative and counter-normative performances of intimacy and sexuality.


Together in this? Christel Sverre og Wencke Mühleisen (red.) Tapir Akademisk forlag, 2012.

What happens when artists and researchers join together to investigate «public intimacies» – situations where intimate, sexual and personal matters are a part of the public sphere, politics and culture? How does this produce art? Is it research? The uncertainty of encountering and inhabiting each other’s practices means that Together in this? is a risky cooperation between researchers from the University of Oslo and the University of Stavanger, and artists from the Academy of Fine Art, Trondheim, NTNU.


Norwegian Research Council. Period: 2008 - 2012.

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