Intimacy in Autobiographical Digital Genres (completed)

The postdoctoral project scrutinizes performances of sexuality, subjectivity and intimacy in autobiographical digital genres.

About the project

Main research axes are: which significances and effects contemporary online self-presentations may have for the perception and understanding of sexuality, subjectivity and intimacy, and in which ways new aesthetical representations may influence discourses and conceptions of the private and the public? More specific, the project asks how and to which extent ‘technologies of the self’ (self-performances through- and within social network societies, personal ads, personal blogs) contribute in the (counter-normative)-negotiation of performances of sexualities, subjectivities and intimacies. In conjunction with these aspects, the project will contribute to a theoretical development of digital genre theories, weighting gender, sexuality and intimacy in autobiographical genres within the humanities.


Norwegian Research Council. Period: 2008-2012

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