New World – Old Gender? Growing up in a Gender Equality Era (completed)

The project combines a cluster of related projects studying boys and girls at different age levels and in the contexts of school, family and leisure activities.

About the project

The goal of the project is to provide new and updated knowledge about gender norms and gender practices among children and young people growing up in present-day Norway, and to understand some of the consequences this may have for new patterns of inclusion or marginalisation in school and society.

  • How can we understand the relation between changes in gender and changes in the requirements of skills and competence of citizenship in the Norwegian society today?
  • How are such requirements transmitted by grown-ups to children in terms of norms and expectations in the areas of school, family and leisure?

Four theoretical and methodological key issues will be adressed:

  • reconnecting agency and socialisation

  • connecting the discursive and the psycho-social self

  • connecting different conceptions of gender in transition

  • testing out new methodologies in the study of  children

See description of the project (pdf)


The project is funded by the Norwegian Research Council 2008-2011.


The projects is collaborating with the English ESRC-prosect Timescapes (University of London, Birkbeck, London South Bank University, Cardiff University, University of Edinburgh, The Open University and UK Archives).

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