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Phone +47-22850511
Mobile phone +47-47015644
Room NEMKO427
Visiting address Nemko-bygget Gaustadalléen 30 0373 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1040 Blindern 0315 OSLO

My research focuses on the modernization of the family and changes in gender relations, with a particular emphasis on what motivates moves towards greater gender equality. My last research project was a study of family cultures within the financial elites. Here, I was especially interested in finding out what lies behind the tendency towards more traditional gender relations in parts of the financial elite, given the emphasis on equality and the two income family elsewhere in the middle classes. I have also done research on how parenting practices vary in different social groups, and particularly changes in paternal practices.

I am currently working on the project Equality and Excellence in Sustainable Balance? Gender, Love and Desire for Knowledge in the Competitive University. This project focuses on how the increased marketization of academia affects the link between the desire for knowledge and investments in caring.

Academic interests

  • Gender and capitalism
  • Class and gender
  • Work and family
  • Masculinity studies
  • Critical theory, Bourdieu, feminist theory
  • Psychoanalysis and psychosocial theory
  • Narrative methods


I have recently taught the following courses at STK:


  • Interim Director, Centre for Gender Research, 2019-2020
  • Professor, Centre for Gender Research, 2016-
  • Research Director, Norwegian Social Research, 2015–2016
  • Researcher I, Norwegian Social Research, 2014–2015
  • Post Doctor, Department of Sociology and Human Geography, University of Oslo, 2010­–2014
  • Researcher II, Norwegian Institute for Social Research, 2010–2012
  • Junior Scholar, Centre for Advanced Studies, The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, 2010–2010
  • Senior Researcher, Centre for Gender Studies, University of Oslo, 2008–2009
  • University Lecturer, University of Oslo, 2007–2009
  • PhD fellow, Centre for Gender Studies, University of Oslo, 2002–2007
  • Researcher, Nordic Council of Ministers, 2002–2005
  • Advisor, Ministry of Children and Family Affairs, 1995–2002

Previous projects

  • Family Cultures in the Business Elite, Post Doc project, University of Oslo
  • Personal Development and Socio-Cultural Change, Centre for Advanced Studies
  • New family cultures, Norwegian Council of Research


  • Editor, Tidsskrift for kjønnsforskning (Norwegian Journal of Gender Research), 2017-2018.


  • Journal article of the year, Tidsskrift for kjønnsforskning 2010
  • Journal article of the year, Tidsskrift for kjønnsforskning 2014
  • Chronicle of the year, Norsk sosiologforening 2014
  • Shortlisted for The Sociological Review's Prize for Outstanding Scholarship, 2016
Tags: Feminist theory, Class, Family, Critical theory, Bourdieu, Masculinities
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