Would you like to be a Visiting scholar at STK?

The Centre for Gender Research welcomes Visiting Scholars from other academic institutions, nationally and internationally. We will provide an office space, access to IT-facilities, good and safe-data storage facilities, full access to the University of Oslo library, and the chance to be an active and integrated part of the Centre while here.

Visiting scholars are considered guests of the Centre and the University of Oslo, and may be visiting for a temporary period of up to one year (renewable). We expect guests to primarily engage in their own research, but also to seek scholarly and cultural interaction with the Centre and the larger University’s faculty and students. More specifically, Visiting scholars are invited to contribute to the Center's social and academic environment through joint lunches, weekly ‘house meetings’, regular internal and external seminars, and through communication of their own research.Guest researchers have no teaching or other responsibilities, but the Centre welcomes ad hoc teaching assignments if that is mutually beneficiary. As non-employees, guest researchers are not entitled to salary or housing.


Applications must be submitted via email to Andrew Feltham. Applications must include:

  1. letter of intent. Period of stay must be clearly stated.
  2. CV
  3. project description.

There are two application deadlines each year:

  • March 15
  • September 15

Applicants will be notified within one month of the deadline.


Priority will be given to applicants with an active invitation from the Centre. In addition, priority may be given to projects that:

  • complement current research at the Centre
  • strengthen the interdisciplinary profile of the Centre
  • involve any overhead funding that fully or partially cover Cetre expenses

All applicants are evaluated according to:

  • research topic (must be within gender research)
  • research quality and design
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