Ulla-Britt Lilleaas

Research Fellow
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Academic interests

  • Gender/body/health

  • Masculinities

  • Gender equality and social change


Guest Researcher/ Professor, Centre for Gender Research, University of Oslo (UiO) (2013-)

Head of Centre for Gender and Equality, University of Agder (UiA) (2009-2012) 

Professor in Health Science, Faculty of Health and Sport, UiA (2007-2010)

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Health and Sport, UiA (2006-2007)

Visiting Professor, Goldsmiths University of London,Dep.of Sociology (2004)

Ph.D, in Sociology, Department of Sociologcy and Human Geography, UiO (2003)

Researcher, Department of Sociology and Human Geography, UiO, (1998-2009)

Researcher, Centre for Women's Studies, UiO (1992-1998)

Researcher, Inst of Building Research, Oslo (1991-1992)

Researcher, Section for Prev. Medicine and Epidemiology, Faculty of Medicine, UiO (1990-1991)

Executive officer, Centre for Occupational Health, Faculty of Medicine, UiO (1990-1991)

Research fellow, Norwegian Institute for Alcohol and Drug Research, Oslo (1987-1988)

Cand. Polit. in Sociology, Department of Sociology and Human Geograpfy, UiO (1987)

Head of projects (selected projects)

The Sociality of Tiredness – Culture, Tradition, and Change (1998-2002). The Norwegian Council of Research.

”Masculinities and Bodily Habits - Gender, Culture, Tradition and Change” (2003-2006) The Norwegian Council of Research..

”The Vulnerability of the Strong Sex – Treatment, Care & Masculinities” (2007- 2013). University of Agder.

”Masculinity Cultures in the Norwegian Military of Defense” (2011-2013), Ministry of Defense project).

Gendered Leadership and Power in the Norwegian Military of Defense, (2013 – 2016). The Norwegian Council of Research.


Sociologist of the year. A prize for dissemitation of research from her Ph.D.thesis to shortfilm

Post doctoral scholarship from The Norwegian Research Council (2003-2005)

Grants for fellowships abroad: Great Britain (2004)

Two years Study Grant from the Norwegian Research Council (2001-2003)


Nordic Network on Dialog Communication of Research Based Knowledge (2009-2013)

Member of the Reference Group for The State of Men´s Health in Europe Report. European Commision (2011)

Leader of the Ph.D. in Health Science Board, Faculty of Health and Sport, University of Agder (2007-2009)

Member of Agder Vitenskapsakademi/ Agder Academy of Sciences and Letters (2007-)

Coordinator of Research in Health Science, UiA (2006 – 2007)

Member of Steering Group ”European Men´s Health Network" (2005-)

Professor Michael Kimmel Stony Brooks University NY.

Professor Alan White, Professor in Men´s Health and Director  of Center of Men´s Health, Leeds University, UK.

Referee on articles submitted for national and international  journals (Journals of Men´s Health, Men and Masculinities, NORMA, The Norwegian Sociological Journal, etc.)


Dissemination of Research in short Film

Dahr, E. & U-B.Lilleaas: Tempo ! Shortfilm.(Texted in English) Norsk Filminstitutt www.nfi.no (2004)

Dahr, E & U-B. Lilleaas: Trette menn. (Tired Men) Shortfilm. (Texted in English) Norsk filminstitutt www.nfi.no (2006)


Tags: Sociology, Bodies, Masculinities, Gender, Gender equality, Health
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