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New lecture series: Perspectives on Love

Love is of enormous importance in our lives, and also one of the central themes in the history of Western thought. STK's new digital lecture series, Perspectives on Love, will explore different understandings of the concept of love.

Practical information:

Organizers: Tove Pettersen and Helgard Mahrdt 

Coordinator: Anna Young

Format: The lectures will be in either English or Norwegian, and will be 30 minutes long, followed by 30 minutes of discussion.

Registration: Individual event pages will be created for each lecture, and registered participants will receive the Zoom links via email. 

When we hear the word love, some of us may think of love stories, others may associate it with the Christian notion of neighborly love (caritas, St. Augustine). For some the concept of romantic love comes to mind, while others may think of maternal love or the love for God (amor dei); others may link the notion to reason and philosophy because philosophy literally means, “love for wisdom” (Plato). Some understand love as pure passion that belongs to the intimate sphere, for others love can also mean to engage in the world (amor mundi).

The phenomenon of love, it seems, is anything but easy to grasp. What, then, is love? Is love a divine power or a worldless passion? Do love and thinking belong together? What is the connection between love and compassion? What are we doing when we love? Can we identify a kind of love fit for civic life (philia) or must love remain private?  Does love have the same meaning for different genders? Has love become homeless? Can love be commanded by will (volu ut sis) or is love always a “coup de foudre”?

Currently, we are all living in “dark times” (Brecht), thrown back into our private lives. To counteract this situation, we understand the lecture series as a contribution to keep a space of discussion alive.

In a series of digital lectures, which will be taking place on Mondays at 2 pm CET, we will present different perspectives on the notion of love (follow the links for registration):

For practical inquiries about the lecture series, please send an email to Anna Young

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