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  • Image may contain: Window, Orange, Wood, Facade, Display case. Webinar: Sevil Sümer on Transitional Academic Citizenship 27. okt. 2021 13:00

    The Centre for Gender Research and the FRONT project are hosting the first event in the seminar series Gender Inequality and Precarity in Academia in the European Context. In this webinar, Sevil Sümer will discuss the concept of gendered academic citizenship, focusing particularly on problems experienced by early-career academics, or “transitional” academic citizens.

  • Graphic design featuring abstract art and the conference title and dates NORA Conference 2022 20. juni 2022 00:00

    The NORA Conference 2022 will be taking place in Oslo on June 20th-22nd, with the theme "Tensions and Potentials in Nordic Feminist and Gender Research". Visit the conference website for more information.

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